The Dallas Area Alliance for Women in Media wishes to recognize DFW media professionals for their outstanding achievements and service in the previous year, 2021.

AWM GALA Nomination and Voting Process


New in 2021 we have an open nomination process. Each individual can nominate anyone in any role and our 2021 award categories are TV, Digital, Radio, Out Of Home, Agency, and Sports. We kindly ask that you only nominate an individual once, though you can submit in any of the available categories. We also ask that you nominate individuals whose primary discipline is the category they are being nominated for.  Multiple submissions are allowed (Meaning you many nominate more than one person per category).

Round One Vote:

Each company will have a designated list of voters (each Designated Voter must work full-time at the company and must be located in DFW).

  • Agencies will have 10 voters per company. 
  • Rep firms will have 10 voters per firm.  
  • Radio Station groups and TV stations will have 20 voters each.
  • OOH, Print, Digital, and Sports Marketing companies will have 10 voters per firm

Ballots with every single nominee across all categories will be sent to each Designated Voter in DFW.

CPA tabulates the top 5 names in every category.

Round Two (Final) Vote:

The top 5 names in every category will submit essays and will be judged anonymously by media organizations outside DFW (Austin and Houston).

The top 5 names in every category will also appear on a ballot which will be sent to each designated voter from all companies.

Final Determination:

CPA weights judges’ ballot results 60% and in-market Designated Voters from all companies 40%.

Recipients will be announced at the 39th Annual Awards of Excellence Gala on Thursday April 28th, 2022.

Awards of Excellence Categories:

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