37th Silver Award of Excellence Winner Announced

Alliance for Women in Media Announces 37th Silver Award of Excellence Winner

Kalyn Asher, Asher Media

Sandra Connell

The Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of Alliance for Women in Media (AWM) has named Kalyn Asher, of Asher Media, as the recipient of the 37th annual Silver Award of Excellence Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Silver Award of Excellence Lifetime Achievement Award is presented annually to a media professional in Dallas/Fort Worth who is above reproach both in regard to the hiring and promoting of women and promoting and helping the media business; directly contributes to the community at large; has made a direct, positive impact on the DFW media community; solely represents a commitment to excellence; and whose accomplishments are an example to others in the media and business community.

Kalyn’s career path is a rare one. Her interest in media began in high school; she loved her accounting class and sold ads for the yearbook – and while she wasn’t named “Most Likely to Start Her Own Media Agency” the foundation had been set. Kalyn went to The University of Texas at Austin to pursue a degree in Accounting, until her junior year when a close friend told her about a Media Planning class she was taking. After describing the class, Kalyn immediately changed her major to Advertising and the rest is history.

From interning at an Austin radio station selling ads, to a local ad agency clearing invoices, Kalyn was exposed early on to various sides of the media business before landing her first job at McCann-Erickson in Dallas after graduation. She furthered her media career at Bozell/Temerlin McClain and eventually spent several years at TracyLocke/TLP/Focus. Her strong experience in B2B and B2C media and her diversity in a variety of media paved the way for an opportunity to run an independent media company, MediaWise, a subsidiary of Gleason/Calise

Work-Life balance isn’t new, but in the 1990s it didn’t exist in the media industry. During the formative years of her career, Kalyn envisioned a culture which allows individuals to excel professionally while simultaneously enjoying an active personal life. Her passion for helping companies grow and her desire to spend quality time with her family became the foundation for Asher Media, which she started in 1999 at the age of 32. As recalled by Jimmy Hare of Spectrum Media, “I was immediately impressed with Kalyn, as she was taking a large risk of leaving a secure job and creating her own buying and planning agency. I quickly came to realize during the time we worked together, her understanding of the media business - I knew she was going to build a successful company.”

With the support of many clients, staff, sales reps and family, Kalyn built a company centered on doing business with trust and integrity, always keeping her people’s well-being and the success of her clients at the forefront. She’s created an atmosphere where respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is granted and loyalty is returned. “Kalyn continues to employ, promote and encourage women within her staff producing an environment bursting with creativity and innovation, which aids in supporting her loyal client relationships,” adds Shawn McCalister of iHeart Media.

Kalyn’s commitment to stay ahead of the ever-changing media landscape continues to elevate the quality of service and expertise companies can expect from the DFW media community. Recognized by many as a “connector,” her ability to cultivate and maintain relationships “fueled with empathy, sincerity and commitment” has brought in a significant amount of new business to her hometown. Clients located in other markets across the country (Atlanta, Denver, El Paso, Houston, San Francisco, etc.) have chosen Asher Media over closer agency options, while at the same time, Kalyn works with many local organizations as she believes that non-profits should receive the same level of expertise as companies with larger budgets. Kalyn also supports fellow DFW shops, referring them to clients in need of creative, marketing and PR services.

In 2012, Kalyn saw an opportunity to grow and opened Avalanche Media Group in Austin, Texas. By creating AMI Media Services at the same time she’s been able to support both Asher and Avalanche with a more efficient operational infrastructure.

One of Kalyn’s proudest accomplishments is being a “model in service to the community at large,” bringing her network of relationships together to support her philanthropic efforts for the American Cancer Society. With the help of this community, Asher Media has proudly raised over $100,000 in support of cancer research!

Personally, Kalyn enjoys spending time with her family, friends, drinking wine, eating crab, traveling and all things purple!

The 37th Annual AWM Awards of Excellence Gala recognizing Kalyn Asher and top DFW media professionals will be held virtually Thursday, October 8, 2020 . For more information about the gala, go to

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