MediaCon 2018 is a WRAP!

Thanks to the amazing speakers that showed up to educate, inspire and entertain our MediaCon guests at Moody Performance Hall - Linday Weeks/Moroch, John Beiter/Pyro/Richards Group, James Roman/Cumulus Radio, Scotty K/KLIF 93.3FM, Chris Smith/Richards Group, Limbert Fabian/Flight School Studio and Cameron Gawley/Buzzshift. Cameron also mediated our Social Influencers Panel which was a big hit. Special thanks to Lily Kramlich-Taylor/@Dallasites 101, Jewels Clark/, Kristan Braziel/@bringmommyamartini, and Breshell/@breshell.

We'd also like to thank the professionals who led our round table discussions: Kalyn Asher - How to Start a Business, Vivian Unger - Branding Yourself, Deb Murphy - Resumes, Scott Rolf - Screenwriting, Nathan Fast & Katelyn Maida - Radio/Voice-Over Acting.


Social Influencer Panel
Social Influencers Panel: Cameron Gawley, Breshell, Kristan Braziel, Lily Kramlich-Taylor, Jewels Clark