Silver Award of Excellence

1/11/2021: Call to Nominate the AWM-DFW 2020 Silver Award of Excellence Recipient


The Silver Award of Excellence is a lifetime achievement award that can only be received once. Please nominate an individual you believe meets the following criteria:

·     Above reproach in regard to the hiring and promoting of women

·     Above reproach in regard to promoting and benefitting the media business

·     Directly contributes to the community at large

·     Has made a direct, positive impact on our media community

·     Solely represents a commitment to excellence and whose accomplishments are an example to others in our business and community


The intention to nominate and the entire nomination process 
must be executed without the knowledge of the nominee.

Important Dates:

Friday, 1/22/2021: Contact Veronica York [email protected] with your intent to nominate
Wednesday,  2/10/2021: Nomination Packet with two letters of recommendation DUE
Monday, 2/15/2021: AWM Board, Past Presidents and Past Recipients will vote via absentee ballot


 Past Recipients 1983-2019

'83 John Criswell  '84 Ron Chapman  '85 Norm Campbell  '86 Frank O'Neil 
'87 Marty Haag '88 Patty Parker '89 Dave Lane '90 Susan Ziller 
'91 Gary Hill  '92 Paula McStay  '93 Elizabeth Criswell  '94 Doug Adams 
'95 Greg Regian  '96 Shirley Ward  '97 Rick Mills  '98 Tom Kalahar 
'99 John Hare  '00 Jean Ann Cooper  '01 Dan Bennett  '02 Susie August 
'03 Kathy Clements  '04 Mike Irvine  '05 Larry Spiegel  '06 Sandy Cooke 
'07 Karen Coffey  '08 Brenda Wurst  '09 Judy Miller  '10 Angela Betasso 
'11 Kathy Saunders  '12 Jon Heidtke  '13 Gloria Campos  '14 Liz Barber 
'15 John Poroyea '16 Stan Richards
'17 Tom Moroch '18 Sandra Connell
'19 Kalyn Asher